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Why should you hire a bail bondsman?

Life can throw curve balls at us when we least expect it. Or, sometimes being in the wrong place at the wrong time will get us into unexpected trouble. No matter what the reason, when you are arrested you need to know that there is an affordable way out - posting bail – if it is an option.

Being arrested sparks multiple emotions in arrestees, as well as, their family. The family’s immediate reaction is to do whatever they can to get their loved one out of jail and home with them. By remaining in jail you risk losing your job, missing your child’s first steps and not participating in other family events.
The law states that you are innocent until proven guilty, so you want to have a chance to present your case to prove your innocence, and being out of the confines of a jail cell will make it much easier to work with your attorney to work on your defense.

Bail can be very costly depending on the charges, so this is why you need to know as much as possible about the bail process and what you have to do to get released from custody. It is in your best interest to make use of this wonderful alternative to being in jail while awaiting all your court dates.

What is a bail bond and why do I need one?
A bail bond is like an insurance policy, or a fee applied to your specific offense and any other outstanding warrants that may be outstanding for your arrest, to get you released from custody while awaiting trial. The advantage of working with a bail bondsman is that you will only have to pay 10% of the full amount of the bond, up front. So, if your bail is $30,000, then you only need to come up with $3,000 in the form of cash, credit cards, or a payment plan that the bondsman will work out with you. Also, in some cases collateral may be necessary to support the total amount of the bail, which will be refunded once the case is closed, which would amount to 90% of the bond. This is because the 10% is a fee for the bondsmen’s time to work on posting the bail for your release is non-refundable no matter what the outcome is of your situation.
But keep in mind that this is the most affordable way to get released from custody. The one thing that you and your co-signer need to be aware of is that by posting a bail bond, you are both guaranteeing that you will appear in court on all your court dates. If you fail to appear, the court will consider you a ‘fugitive’ and issue a ‘bench warrant’ for your arrest. A situation you really don’t want to be faced with because no matter where you run, you will be caught at some point in time – guaranteed!

How do I hire the right bail bondsman?
Hiring a bail bondsman in Los Angeles does not require a long search or going through a complicated procedure because the Internet is all you need. Finding the right bail agent requires a few qualifying points to make you feel comfortable knowing that you’re dealing with a reputable company who has you best interest in mind.

Compassion and family-friendly service is very important because bail agents know that this is a very difficult and stressful situation, and want to put you at ease and answer all your questions to help you understand the bail process. You will also find that professional bail bondsmen are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year because crimes occur at all hours of the day and night, and they want to be their for you when you need them the most.

Most will conduct business via phone, fax and email, so you can arrange for bail from the comfort of your home or office in a discreet manner. Our professional bail agents will also meet you at the jail and wait with you until the inmate is released.

It’s not often that you expect to be in this situation in the Los Angeles area, but if and when it occurs, you want to know you are in good hands and can trust the integrity of the bail bondsman you called.
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